What would it feel like to not dread Monday mornings?

Just like you, I had good jobs.  Great jobs even.  I’m grateful for all the jobs I’ve had and all I have learned from them.  Truly.  But every time I wanted to do work that was more meaningful for me I had no idea how to make the change happen.

After the initial excitement of a new job had passed, Sunday afternoons and evenings were always a little blue for me as I thought about the upcoming week.  I would try to focus on the areas I enjoyed the most and find meaning in what I was doing, but it always just scratched the surface of what I wished I could be doing instead.  So more often than not, I found myself dreading Monday mornings. 

Feeling excited on Monday mornings?  Is that even possible?  I figured it was only the privilege of a select few who just got very, very lucky.    Have you ever felt like this? 

Now that I have allowed myself to do what I love, I know what meaningful work feels like.

Now that I have allowed myself to do what I love, I am using the talents that come easiest to me.

And every night I go to sleep knowing I made a difference.  And yes, I am now excited when I get up Monday mornings!

Are you feeling blue this January?  What would it be like for you to wake up on Monday morning, feeling energized, inspired and excited with anticipation for what you will be creating this week?

Today I am excited to share with you my new workshop How to Do Work You Love.

If you have been following my blogs and social media posts, you’ll probably know by now that I am not your standard career change coach. My workshop will be a journey into yourself and the joy of pursuing your highest possibilities.  We will work with different modalities including journalling, art and even movement!  It will be fun, but it will also help you clarify the first steps you need to make to create a change…right now.

This January things can change for YOU.  You can start the New Year by choosing a career you enjoy and start taking aligned action to make it happen.  This workshop can change your life.

Everyone who is not excited about their work should come along.

If that’s you, join me on the 27th!  Book here.

I hope to see you there.


Photo by Olaia Irigoien on Unsplash