When having a strategy is not enough to change your working life

The following conversation (or a similar version of it) is one that I often have when the time comes for a client to start taking real action towards a new working life. 

Dina:  Did you do the research on the roles and companies you expressed an interest in? 

Client:  Err, no. 

Dina:  What happened?

Client:   I don’t know…I didn’t have time…I've had a lot of work on.....

When we are faced with taking ownership and declaring to our world that we are looking to make a big change, is when the deeper work of career change begins.  I've been there myself and I know how difficult it can be.

This is also where even the most strategic career plan can fall short  

A strategy alone is sometimes not enough to change your working life - you may need some support throughout the process on how to cope with change and how to move forward.  A real challenge lies in how we deal with the fears that arise when we must do the work of making the change happen.  The change in what we identify with is a strong emotion.  The "What do you do?" question often comes right after we state our name, doesn’t it? And your answer will change. 

How do we manage our feelings of vulnerability when we are about to tread in unfamiliar territory?  

A strategy does not address the fears that may be blocking you from putting your plan into action:  Am I good enough to do this?  What will people think if I fail? Who am I to think I can be successful at something new at this point in my life?  When these thoughts take over, even small steps can be overwhelming.

The good news is that having support from someone who can help you shift your perceptions about what’s possible for you in a positive way can quieten these fears enough to motivate you to take mindful action in the direction you want.  This is where a coach supports and facilitates.  

When I see aspiring career changers in my coaching workshops, it never ceases to amaze me how quickly attendees bond over their self-doubts while at the same time also mirroring each others' talents effortlessly, showing each other how capable they really are, and sharing stories about overcoming obstacles.   This type of support is invaluable to allow you to see your strengths when you struggle to see them for yourself.    

Whether in one-to-one sessions or in a small group, I coach and motivate you to take informed action and move forward in the direction of your dreams - even when fear and self-doubt creep in and procrastination has kept you stuck in the past.  Fears and self-doubts are part of the journey.  When we are aiming to change something as big as our careers, which is so important to us, it takes time and encouragement to keep moving forward.

Do you need support to move forward with career change? 

If you just started thinking about changing your career, come to my next workshop on Saturday, 17th March to get clarity on what you could be doing as a career and have your career change questions answered in a small, friendly group of like-minded professionals.

If you have been thinking about it for a while and have a few ideas, but your fear of taking action is overwhelming you, let’s have a chat  to generate a couple of action points that you will feel confident enough to take right away.

I would love to hear from you!

Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash