Have you been counting down the days until your OOO email?

December has arrived.  For some of us it is "Where has the year gone?" but for others it is a time of year to look forward to with much longing.  It is a time where it is generally acceptable to take time off work, with the exception of some professions of course.

Not so many years ago, as Decembers started to get closer, I remember the feeling of exhaustion creeping up on me when I used to be in a job I wasn't satisfied with. Everything that needed to get done before going on my holidays and so little energy left from giving all my efforts to a career that wasn't inspiring me anymore. By the time December came around, I was drained of all the best I had to give, as I had given it away to work I no longer believed in, while pretending to everyone around me I was absolutely fine. Being a little tired and stressed around the holidays is a common and acceptable justification, but I was hiding the quiet desperation for a life of freedom to do the meaningful work I was craving to do.

Then the moment finally came when I drafted the Out of Office response.  The relief!  Another year finished!  I can go home and not think about work for a couple of weeks!  I can spend my days doing whatever I wish to do!  I could let my brain choose what to focus on, instead of focusing on tasks handed to me by someone else.  FREEDOM!

However, the feeling of spending my life not contributing in the bigger way I was wishing for, remained in the back of my mind. No amount of Christmas parties or gift shopping made it disappear.  The time off gave me a little respite, but the thought was there, quietly waiting until January to remind me that I was unhappy and that I needed to do something about it.

Are you feeling this way too?

Is one of your biggest wishes to leave your current job?

Are the December celebrations a welcome distraction from your current career?

Today, I am writing to you from sunny Miami, one of my favorite places in which I have spent many a Christmas before while visiting family. But this time the experience is completely different.  I love my work so much, I don't want to take a break from it.  This is no exaggeration.

My work is now one of my biggest joys. 

Fortunately, family and travel are also very important to me, so I do take breaks and enjoy them fully, but now I am also excited to return to work. 
And I choose to never use an Out of Office response.

This holiday season, I would like to invite you to put YOURSELF on your gift list and give yourself the gift of TIME FOR YOUR DREAM CAREER. 

I know very well one of the biggest blocks to seriously considering a career change is the fear of starting over, but this fear will dissipate when we take small steps to make a change, steps we feel comfortable enough to take.

So, when you are away from the office this December, can you find some TIME to think of one SMALL STEP to start moving you in that direction?

If you don't know what a new career could look like for you, or the fear is too great for even a small first step, find some TIME in January for a complimentary call with me. I will help you find some inspiration and you will have something in January to look forward to again.

Photo by Jimena on Unsplash https://unsplash.com/photos/Ip58-HoiWiI