Change your Life

Are you feeling bored and restless? Is your job draining all the energy out of you, but you don’t know what else you could be doing? Do you feel stuck in a lacklustre life?


Some of us are perfectly happy on a traditional career path which is necessary for many jobs.  However, for those of us who want change the traditional path may not match up with our personal aspirations and values.  As a term for our working life today I believe wholeheartedly that the word career is outdated and regimented, it's something external and detached from us as human beings.  We are conditioned to constantly strive for and live up to other people’s expectations of what a career is; what an ideal career CV should look like and what an acceptable career path is.  The word implies a linear path of progression, generally within the same field, forever!  

In my view, we need to look inward to see how we can develop to our fullest potential on our own terms.


Much of being in a career, on a career path, or being in a job means conforming to someone else’s instructions of how your day-to-day life should be structured.  Often conforming takes away control of what you want to do, how you do it and when you do it.  Spending days and years conforming can take its toll on your life and can stifle independent creative thinking.

In my view, we can break away from conforming, we just need some support.

Journeying out

More and more people are finding fulfillment.  People are making time to seek help with moving out of careers, moving away from conforming and away from values that don't reflect your own.  Personal Coaching gives people the space to consider change and make more mindful decisions.

In my view, everyone can benefit from education and training at different times in our life. I believe everyone benefits from coaching - and personal reflection - on a regular basis.

Change is in your hands

How about real change and adventures in your work and life, instead of a career you don’t believe in or values that conflict with your own. I have re-trained as a coach and as a Reiki Master.  I can now see how all my past experiences intersect with my natural intuitive abilities at this point in my life. 

In my view, change presents new opportunities in work and in life.

Moving forward

Everyone has friends or colleagues who are making changes.  Sometimes we think - Oh, I just can't do that - or we're persuaded against change.  But anything is possible.  For example, if you want to re-train and work as a complementary therapist, work on farms, follow your artistic pursuits, start a consultancy or a small business or a social enterprises etc etc, it's all within your grasp.

In my view you can reveal the real you - and the change is empowering.