About Dina Michele



Hi!   Thank you for visiting my page. As you read more about me I hope you will see from my journey that I have been in your place.  And more than once.

Growing up

As a young Puerto Rican girl growing up in the 70’s my personality was developing into being empathetic and a bit of a free spirit.  These traits were not considered to be the most popular or sensible - but that was me.  Highly sensitive and wanting to help others, I was really curious about people and how other people lived in faraway countries. That was what I wanted to see. The advice I received was that I should, first of all, find a husband and have children.  I should study to find a practical job (until I married) so I could always put food on the table in the meantime - or in case things didn’t work out. 

Choosing a degree

I loved learning at school and college and received good grades.  But when the time came to choose a major at university I struggled.  Psychology, Philosophy or Literature were my top choices, but I let myself be convinced that I would never be able to make a living with these choices.  So I made the decision - on my own - to study International Relations.  Whilst I enjoyed it very much, it really was a second best choice for me.

Starting work

I worked in a variety of roles - teacher, corporate researcher, consultant and recruiter. I moved to the US and the UK - I learned a lot and met great people. But for the most part, I simply felt unfulfilled.  I didn’t really know I could do something about this feeling as I thought it was normal to feel this way. I was always told work is work, you do it to earn a living and that’s how life is. Then I discovered books about finding your purpose and changing your life.

Making my change

I read everything I could! I started talking with other people and realised there were so many others who were feeling the same way as me.  Although the books were motivational, I needed help with my individual needs. 

Out of the blue a friend introduced me to Reiki. I did the course as part of my lifelong interest in personal development (my library could challenge Louise Hay’s!) and it changed my life. As I got accustomed to feelings of wellbeing through Reiki, I found myself re-connecting to my true self and this started opening up to new possibilities in all aspects of my life.  

This led to training and working as a Reiki Master, quitting my job as an in-house recruiter!  It was the coach during my coaching training that was instrumental in helping me decide to quit my job and focus on myself and my own practice.  I then trained as a coach myself, moving into wellbeing coaching.  Finally I’m fulfilled - supporting clients to open up to new possibilities! 

Working with a purpose

I now get to work with people who want to change, create a personal work plan, start a bold new venture or an awesome adventure. I am committed to helping clients find their way to living life authentically and working in their zone of genius.  Just as I did.

Living my life

My inner passion for other cultures also guided me to a Master’s degree in Social Anthropology and further work in this field will be one of my future life projects.  My dream travel destinations are Iceland, Japan and Central Asia (though I find an excuse to visit Paris every year)!  I am blessed in my personal life with a supportive husband, a beautiful son and the friendliest Miniature Schnauzer ever. I spend time in nature every day (though admittedly less in Winter) and love, love, love dancing, yoga and clean eating.

I truly believe we have the power to change the world for the better within ourselves – we just need dedicated support to change.




I decided to have career change coaching with Dina after many years of feeling stuck in a profession (of which I’d been part of for 20 years) I felt trapped and unhappy but did not know what I wanted to do instead. The process was challenging and amazing in equal measures. I am in no doubt that it was totally worth it! I now have a focus and direction that is taking me on a new career path with a confidence that this is something I can achieve.  I would highly recommend career change coaching with Dina! 


I used to work at a top London university managing a busy Institute in Arts & Humanities. I had been given Reiki by Dina the year before and at the that time it had helped me a lot, so I decided to try a coaching session with her. I did not know much about what coaching would imply but in that one session, I came out with a couple of actions that stayed with me for a very long time.

I then decided to take more sessions with Dina as at that time I decided I wanted to leave my job. I had been feeling unhappy for some time, drained of energy and no longer enjoying what I was doing. I had been there right from the birth of the Institute, it was my ‘baby’ and I had poured a lot of myself and energy in it. However, my energy was dwindling and I wanted to be able to use it in something I truly loved doing. Earlier that year, I had trained as a Reiki Practitioner at Level II, as a Nia Technique teacher and I also had started creating loads and loads of art work. My creativity was exploding and I wanted to be able to have more time to explore it and express it.

Deciding to quit such a job was a big, big deal. I was filled with fear and indecision. Having the coaching sessions with Dina, I worked on concrete ideas of what steps I needed to make for moving forward with this decision. I put together a plan of how I could carry on financially doing the things I love. I felt empowered, encouraged and held by Dina during the sessions and it made an impact in my life.

A month after the last session, I presented my resignation letter at work. I also realised that an important part of starting my own business was the need to take care of myself and rest. So, I am now spending 8 months in Thailand where I hope to have time to rest and recover, as well as slowly set up my business and put in action all the ideas I have for it.

I would highly recommend working with Dina, she is sensitive, caring, intuitive and super supportive. I found her coaching style to be empowering and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.



I came to Dina in order to find out what I wanted to do next as a career. I felt quite stuck where I was, not pursuing a true purpose, I had several interests but I did not know where to start from.

Dina guided me so I could start, connect with myself, take a step forward, and explore my interests. Our sessions were very open, structured with great guidance. There was enough time to reflect and discuss. My feelings and thoughts were challenged in a very caring and professional way.

I have been able to eliminate some options that I was convinced were for me. Once you start exploring, you are able to close doors and look at more options/alternatives. I attended courses and/or workshops, connected with more people. We did not only focus on my career, but looked at other areas of my life.

Dina has helped me to focus, take actions and discover again. I understand the structure and feel more confident moving forwards.

Thank you Dina, Looking forward to working with you again.


As I was approaching the end of my maternity leave after having my second child, Dina’s coaching sessions was exactly the boost that I needed at the time of my life when I am trying to spend more time with my young children and be the best mum I can be, whilst trying to develop a successful and fulfilling career of my own.

During the coaching sessions, I have learned various tools such as time management, and prioritising the most important values in life which has revolutionised the way I work.

The meetings are always a calm oasis for me to reflect and I always come out of our meetings feeling excited and buzzing with ideas.

I highly recommend Dina’s coaching which provided me with plenty of tools to pave my life for the future and realise my goals in life.


For a long time I had been thinking, researching and talking about changing my career but had never quite been able to take the leap into really doing something about it. I was unclear about what I wanted to do and had numerous ideas that were all quite different! 

I have a wonderful family and friends who I often shared my thoughts with, however I knew I needed to work through this with someone who was unbiased yet supportive in order to gain some clarity and this was when I found Dina! 

Dina helped me gain the clarity and confidence I had been looking for to take the path I really wanted to follow and not the one I thought I should follow - big difference!! Through the sessions with Dina I have now taken the leap and enrolled on a coaching course which I feel without those sessions I could have still been going round in circles with numerous ideas but no real plan and still having the feeling something needed to change. 

Dina is a wonderful, genuine person who holds you accountable but has a warmth that allows you speak freely and openly to help unlock any current barriers you might be finding difficult to get through. It's a very empowering process and journey which I'm so glad I've taken myself on!